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February 6, 2009
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this is just me, thinking about digital comic book.

to make this work, you just have to clik on the arrow on the screen.
you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard too, and it's more convenient, but you have to click on the screen first.

i've done this in a few hours so it's really badly drawn, i was just thinking about the new ways of making comics with all the new tools we have.

sorry about my terrible, terrible english.

done with flash.

special thanks to Trudy Cooper and Danny Murphy from Platinum Grit [link] for showing me the right way.

EDIT: Thanks a lot for the positive feedback so far, it means a lot! I'm really, really pleased when i read that it give ideas, or make some people want to try it.
I would like to say that, yes, I've red Scott McCloud books, and yes, they were a great influence for me. I'm not familiar with what he said in detail about digital comics though, some friends just pointed me some things that look very similar in the way of thinking about digital comics.
that's not a surprise, McCloud practically shaped my way of thinking about comics. I liked his digital comics based on "infinite canvas" but somehow wasn't fully satisfied with them, so that's why i came up with this. I don't know if he actually submitted something similar, and any hints would be appreciated.

thanks again!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2009-02-08
about DIGITAL COMICS by ~Balak01. The suggester writes: "It's brilliant and really brings comic reading to a new level! With half animated pop ups and expressions, and not to mention how you easily scroll through the pages with your keyboard arrows, makes this a unique experience!" ( Suggested by ElMafia and Featured by Majnouna )
Nihaoboy Mar 27, 2014  Student General Artist
lol it looks like gluttony(s)
luyis16 Mar 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I love this kind of digital comic!
awesome slide story 'clap'
swagadoshis Mar 4, 2014  Student General Artist
it has nice art for almost all ages -.- :P. I like the story but if you want a larger audience you need to lower the profanity.

Well done though
beyazbuffalo Feb 12, 2014  Student General Artist
Well done!
What sort of Program you use to make a Digital Comic?
gulabjamuns Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A simple yet perfect use of this specific medium. More need to follow in your example, seriously. This is like the digital equivalent of a well-directed film. If we're gonna have to completely replace paper with digital one day, let's really make it worth while.
smmbcj Jan 4, 2014   Writer
I thought that was cool. I would love to read comics in that platform. I know this is a few years old, so no one may actually read these comments, BUT if the artist does read this, If you make one that is kid oriented  I will post it on my children's book review site and blast it out into Internet orbit constantly.   

Thebluegecko Dec 28, 2013
ill be honest i hate digital comics and i hate the new marvel infinite comics.
I hate being forced to read separate panels as dictated by marvel.

either make it an animation or leave it static.
DVSuperLight Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG, this prevents the reader from glimpsing ahead, that's genius!

Whenever I read books or graphic novels I get excited and I start to skip panels/sentences to see whats going to happen. I end up spoiling the dramatic tension and I shamefully go back to rereading the text to try and relive the experience. But with this 'click' approach you can speed the comic up or slow it down based on the pace of the action. 


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